Adding a New User

Create individual user profiles for the members of your merchant organization who should have rights within Business Manager.

Apply levels of security among your user base. By defining access roles to your users, you can allow them access only to the modules of the Business Manager they need to do their jobs.

  1. Select Administration > Organization > Users.
    To add a user and to manage user login and credential information, you must have permissions to the Users module. To manage roles and permissions, you must have permissions to the Roles & Permissions module. To assign roles to users, you must have permissions to both the Users module and the Roles & Permissions module.
  2. Click New to create a new user profile.
  3. On the New User page General tab, specify the required information and click Apply.
  4. Enter your (Administrator) password.
  5. Enter and select credentials.
    1. Select Enabled (Yes or No)
    2. Enter the Login.
    3. Enter the password, or click Generate to automatically generate the password.
    4. Enter the password again to confirm it.
  6. Enter profile attributes.
    1. Enter the first and last name.
    2. Enter the email address.

      An email similar to the following is sent to the new user:

      [email protected]
      Tue 1/3/2017 3:53 PM
      To: Tim Tryer:
      Dear test ttryer,
      We created a new account for you on instance
      Click the link below to set your password.
  7. Enter phone numbers.
  8. Select the preferred UI and data locales.
    A user who has no permission on a locale is unable to view or edit localized attributes in that locale.
  9. Click Apply.
  10. Click the Roles tab to assign roles to this user.
  11. Add or change user information such as credentials, profile attributes, or the preferred locale.
The new user must login and configure their security question, which can be used later if they forget their password. This will prompt a password change request.
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