Assigning Price Adjustment Limits

You can assign limits per user for manual price adjustments in Business Manager. You can select a context of one, multiple, or all sites for which the limits apply.

You can access limits programmatically via the Script API, dw.order.LineItemCtnr.verifyPriceAdjustmentLimits().

A price adjustment limits violation check is done during manual price adjustment creation by OCAPI, as follows:

POST /baskets/\{basket_id\}/price_adjustments

Price adjustment limits are imported and exported through the site import/export.

  1. Select Administration > Organization > Roles and Permissions > select the user (Administrator).
  2. On the Administrator page, click the Price Adjustment Limits tab.
  3. On the Select Context window, select one or more sites and click Apply.
  4. To add a limit, on the Administrator - Price Adjustment Limits page, click Add.
    1. On the Add Price Adjustment Limit window, select the type (Item, Shipping, or Order).
      Price adjustment limits validation only considers the access roles with price adjustment permissions configured. When manual price adjustments on the item, order, or shipping level are validated, only the price adjustment limits assigned to access roles with that type of price adjustment permission (item, order, or shipping) are considered. If an access role with an item, order, or shipping price adjustment permission doesn't have the corresponding price adjustment limits defined, all users assigned to that access role can create unlimited manual item price adjustments.
    2. Select the currency, for example, Japanese Yen.
    3. Enter the limit value, for example, 300.
    4. Click Save.
  5. To change the context, click Select Context.
    When you change context from one to multiple sites, for example, you might see unassigned limits.
  6. To assign a limit, check the limit and click Update.
  7. To unassign a limit, uncheck the limit and click Update.
  8. To revert changes, click Revert before you click Update.
    When you click Update, your changes can't be reverted.
  9. Click << Back to List to return to the Roles page.