Business Manager Module Permissions

Module permissions grant access to specific Business Manager modules. If a user that is currently logged in has permission to access a Business Manager module, the application is listed in the left navigation pane.

You can grant read-only permission to certain modules and preferences. Users with read-only permission can view preferences or modules, but can't edit them. Enabling write access also enables read access. Read-only permission is available for the customers, products, product sets, and global custom preferences and the Content Assets, Customers, Inventory Lists, Job History, Libraries, Library Folders, Ordering, Price Books, Products, Product Sets, Site Preferences, and Variation Attributes modules.

You can also grant read-only permissions to Business Manager modules for all site-specific preferences. These include locking, baskets, A/B tests, locales, currencies, source codes, gift certificates, guided search, sequence numbers, order, coupons, promotions, storefront toolkit, storefront URLs, system object definitions, and custom preferences.

If a Business Manager module provides site-specific functionality, permission is granted in context of that particular site or the entire organization. For example, orders are managed in the context of a site, so the permission on the Ordering module is granted in the context of the site.