Changing User Information

You can change your login and password information or you can ask your administrator to do so. However, only the current user can change their login and password or update their security question/answer. If you can't remember this information, and you want to change it, contact your administrator. See Resetting a Business Manager Password.

The user can only change their password if:

The security question and answer can only be changed if the old password is also entered. If the new password and password confirmation are left blank, the password isn't changed.

The available languages for the user interface are restricted to those allowed for the data locales (managed in the global preferences). Also, the organization has a preferred data and user interface locale, which is the fallback for the user, if selected in the global preferences. See Localization.

  1. Open a user's account.
    1. If you are a non-administrative user, open Business Manager and click the Logged In As: link at the top of a Business Manager page.
    2. If you are an administrator: select Administration > Organization > Users > user.
      To manage user login and credential information, you must have permissions to the Users module. To manage roles and permissions, you must have permissions to the Roles & Permissions module. To assign roles to users, you must have permissions to both the Users module and the Roles & Permissions module.
  2. On the User List page, click Find to see all the users.

    For each user, you can see their last login date, for example, Mar 17, 2016 3:46:50 PM (Today), or (Never), if they have not logged in.

    Using advanced search, you can search by first name, last name, login, last login (exact date, date period From and To, 30, 60, 90 days, or today).

  3. Enable or disable the user.
  4. Click Change Password and Security Settings.
  5. For the administrative user:
    1. Enter your password. You can't make changes unless you enter your password first.
    2. Click Generate. An email is sent to the user notifying them of the new password.
  6. For the non-administrative user:
    1. Click Generate or enter and reenter a new password.
    2. Click << Back to Profile.
    3. Select a new security question and enter its answer if you want to change these settings.
  7. Click Apply.
  8. Click Change Email.
    1. Enter your password. You can't make changes unless you enter your password first.
    2. Enter the new email.
    3. Click Apply.
  9. Change preferences:
    • Preferred UI Locale: select the locale to appear in the Business Manager user interface for this user.
    • Preferred Data Locale: select the locale to be used for data creation and editing for this user. This locale is also used in the storefront for this data.
  10. Click Apply.
  11. Click the Roles tab.
    1. Click Assign.
    2. On the Select Roles page, select one or more user role IDs.
    3. Click Assign or Unassign.
  12. Click the Permissions tab.
    1. Filter the permissions list to find a permission.
    2. To export permissions, click Export to CSV.
  13. Click <<Back to List.