Optimized Price Books

Note: Optimized price books are only applicable for customers opted into the early release program. To opt in, submit a support ticket.

An optimized price book is an XML-based price book that imports a minimum of 60% quicker than a standard editable price book. Optimized price books are especially helpful for customers with large amounts of prices that need frequent updating.

Because of the underlying storage technology used in optimized price books, you can't update individual prices or price tables using the standard Business Manager process. You can update prices by editing them in your PIM and reimporting the price book. In an emergency scenario, you can update a price book in Business Manager using a workaround.

Optimized price books should be used by merchants who use a third party PIM for price management and who frequently import product prices to Business Manager. We don't recommend this feature for merchants who maintain a few price books directly in Business Manager.

When importing optimized price books, we recommend you import the price book to your staging instance and then replicate it to your production instance.

Optimized price books don't support special characters. Ensure that no special characters are in the XML before importing.