Update a Price in an Optimized Price Book

When you need to update a price in an optimized price book, you can change it in the PIM source and reimport the price book. However, in case of an emergency, you can use a workaround within Business Manager to update the price directly in Commerce Cloud. The workaround involves creating an editable price book that with the new price and rebuilding the search indexes. Because editable price books take precedence over read only price books, the new price takes effect. We recommend you update the price in the XML source and delete all updated price books by the end of the day. Optimized price books are only applicable for customers opted into the early release program. To opt in, submit a support ticket.
  1. Select Merchant Tools > site > Products and Catalogs > Price Books.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter an ID for the price book.
  4. Select a currency and click Apply.
  5. On the Site Assignments tab, select one or more sites to assign the price book to and click Apply.
  6. On the Price Definitions tab, search for the product that you want to update the price for.
  7. Enter a new price in the Price Table column and click Apply.
  8. Select Merchant Tools > Search > Search Indexes.
  9. Select Product Index and click Rebuild.
  10. After you've updated the price in your PIM, delete the override price book.
    1. Select Merchant Tools > site > Products and Catalogs > Price Books.
    2. Select the override price book and click Delete.