Adding Products Manually

You can import products or add them manually.

Note: if you see unavailable fields, you have read-only permission. You can search for products and view product data, but you can't change them. If you have mixed permission to access one module (via different roles), the higher level access is granted. See your administrator if you require write access.
  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Products and Catalogs > Products.
  2. Click New to initiate the wizard.
    If you see unavailable fields, you have read-only permission. See your administrator if you need write access.
  3. On the Product page General tab, enter general product information:
    • ID: Don't include commas or periods ( , or . ) in your IDs. This can cause limitations elsewhere in the product.
    • Catalog: Select from dropdown (You can only select this when you are creating a product.)
    • Tax Class: Select from dropdown
    • Online
    • Searchable
    • Searchable If Unavailable: Use this to control on a product-level if a product is to appear in the search results when it's unavailable (that is, ATS=0). See Show Orderable Products Only At the Product Level.
    • Name
    • Brand
    • Manufacturer
    • Manufacturer Product ID
    • Description
    • Online/Offline for a specific time period
    • Attributes, such as SEO, Sitemap, presentation and search ranking
  4. Click the Edit Site Specific button if you want to configure site-specific attributes.
  5. On the Options tab, select shared product options.
  6. On the Variations tab, specify a product variation consisting of a master product, a set of variable product attributes and associated variation products.
  7. On the Pricing tab, assign pricing to the product.
  8. On the Inventory tab, manage the settings of a single product inventory record.
  9. On the Categories tab, assign the product to a category.
  10. On the Links tab, specify static product links between this and other products.
  11. On the Recommendations tab, specify the products that are associated with this product as one of the following recommendation types:
    • Product Detail Page - Cross-Sell
    • Category Landing Page - Featured Items
    • Other
    Note: You might see different recommendation types than those listed here. If so, you can choose a type that is appropriate for your organization.
  12. On the Bundles tab, specify products that are bundled with this product.
  13. On the Product Sets tab, view the product sets of the current product.
  14. On the Active Data tab, view active data of the current product.
  15. On the Page Meta Tag Rules tab, you can create/manage page meta tags.
  16. Click Apply to save your changes.