Assigning Product Attributes

Product attribute definitions specify the product attributes that appear in the storefront when the product is accessed through a category. For example, a camera phone has both phone and camera characteristics. Thus, it has camera-related and phone-related attributes, in addition to general attribute that apply to all products, and internal attributes that don't appear on the storefront. In this example, you assign the camera phone to the Phone and the Camera categories.

For each category, you define the attributes that appear when the product is found via search or navigation using the Camera category. To ensure that product attributes appear when a product is found through a search, mark one of the categories (or a new one) as the Default category.

  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Products and Catalogs > Catalogs > catalog.
    Product attribute definitions must first belong to a Product Attribute Group.
  2. Click Edit beside a catalog in the Catalogs pane.
  3. Click the Product Attribute Definitions tab.

    The attributes you specify on this tab affect all ways of viewing a product on the storefront, including:

    • On the product details page
    • In a search result set
    • During a product comparison operation
  4. Create a group for the attributes.
  5. Specify an ID and name for the attribute group and click Add.

    The newly created group appears in the table.

  6. Click the Edit link in the Attributes column for the appropriate group to add attributes to the group.
  7. Click the ellipsis on the Attribute Assignments page, and select attributes (defined for your organization) from the table. Alternatively, you can enter the name or ID of an existing attribute and click Add.
  8. Select the attributes you want to include in the group and click Apply. (Attributes can belong to more than one group.) The table containing the attribute definitions included in the group appears.

    In this table, you can add or unassign attributes and sort them. Check the box of the attribute whose order you want to change, then use the Sort arrows to move the attribute up or down in the list.

  9. On the Product attribute definitions details page, create new product attributes.
  10. Rebuild the product indexes so that these changes take effect.