Assigning Products to a Category

You must assign a product to a category (that is assigned to a catalog, that is assigned to a site) for the product to be visible in the storefront.

You can assign products to categories from the product editor and from a category page (select site > Products and Catalogs > Catalogs > category.)

Note: You can unassign a product from a category in the same way.
  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Products and Catalogs > Products.
  2. Select a product.
    Assigning a variation master or variation group to a category assigns all variation products to that category. You can also assign just one variation product to a category without assigning the variation master.
  3. Lock the product.
  4. Click the Categories tab.
  5. On the Product page Categories tab, the categories that are listed are already assigned.
  6. To assign or deselect categories, click Edit Categories and then select or deselect categories from the category tree.
  7. If there are no categories (or appropriate categories) listed, click Edit Categories to assign a category. (You can make multiple category assignments from one page this way.) Using this interface you can:
    • Search for a category
    • Expand and contract the category tree
    • Select one or more categories
    • Click Apply when you are finished.
  8. On the product details page, Categories tab, you can specify which category is used for the product attribute set and which is used for appear on the storefront.
    Option Description
    Classification This category defines the attribute set of the product.
    Primary This category is the default category used to define the attributes that appear when the product is accessed from outside a category, for example, based on a direct search or a product number or ID.
  9. Click a radio button in the Primary column and click Apply.
  10. You can also assign products to a category in the Catalogs module (select site > Products and Catalogs > Catalogs > catalog).
    See Assigning Products to a Category via Drag and Drop if you are using the drag and drop user interface. You can't assign classification versus primary categories in this interface. You must make this selection in the Products module.
    1. In the Products section, click Assign. A list of all the products in the current catalog appears:
    2. On the Select products page, select products you want to assign to the category.
    3. Use the checkboxes to select specific products.
    4. Click Select.
    5. Click the Select All link to select all of the products on a page and click Select.
      You must click Select before navigating to a new page of products. If you want to select larger groups of products, change the number of products shown per page by clicking 100 or 1000.