Previewing Products in the Storefront

You can preview products and content before it appears in the storefront to ensure it has the effect that you want. You can view products and content that are governed by date/time rules via temporary overrides of the site date/time (if they exist) during a storefront session.

See Managing Products and Storefront Toolkit.

  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Products and Catalogs > Products > product.
    1. Click the product ID link or product name link.
    2. On the Product Page General tab, click Lock to lock the product prior to editing.
    3. Click the Preview icon.
      The product (or other element) appears in the storefront.
  2. In the storefront, click the Storefront Toolkit down arrow, and select Site Preview.
    The Storefront Toolkit must be enabled.
    1. Use the Site Preview Controls Window to change the date/time.
    2. You can change or remove the active source code by editing the value in this field. This is the active source code for the storefront session.
      • You can't preview the site with a disabled source code in effect.
      • You can preview the site with an inactive source code in effect, by also setting the site preview date/time to one that fits the active period of the source code
    3. You can select the Customer Group to which the promotion is assigned, so that you can see how the storefront behaves for that customer group.