A product belongs to one catalog and there are many products in a catalog. Products can be assigned to many categories, regardless of whether the product definition is in the same catalog or not. Products must belong to a category in order to appear on the site. Categories provide the navigational structure for the products.

Products inherit attribute definitions from the default category assigned to the product. A product's default category can be any category in the organization.

Note: There is only one copy of a product, regardless of what catalog it's assigned to, so synchronization isn't necessary when making changes to a product definition.

Within Salesforce B2C Commerce there are multiple product types, such as standard products, master and variation products, product sets, and product bundles. You can configure one or more product options to provide customers with optional accessories, upgrades, or additional services.

You can import products or create and edit them in Business Manager. You can link products and preview them in the storefront.