Search by ID

Search by ID is restricted to 10,000 IDs. See Navigating Products Lists. See also Simple Product Search and Advanced Product Search.
Product IDs are split for search purposes, and a search containing any part of the split ID will return the product.. There are three criteria for when product IDs are split:
  • On punctuation characters '-', '/' and '|'. For example, "PS-40/a" becomes "PS" "40" "a".
  • On character-number transitions. For example, "PS40a" becomes "PS" "40" "a".
  • On leading zeros. For example, "00001234" becomes "0000" "1234" (if configured to ignore leading zeros).

  1. Select site> > Products and Catalogs > Products.
  2. Click By ID.
  3. Enter a list of product IDs into the List of IDs field.
    • You can separate IDs by white space, commas or carriage returns (Enter).
    • You can't specify a range.
    • Search is case-sensitive.
  4. To search for product IDs that contain a comma, semicolon, colon, or white space, check Use only newline as separator and enter the IDs in the List of IDs field, with one product ID per line.