Simple Product Search

The Products page in the Business Manager is multi-functional. When you first open this page, a simple search box opens. Simple search is case sensitive for product IDs and names. The Name or ID field accepts a single search term and supports wildcards.

See Navigating Products Lists. See also Advanced Product Search and Search by ID.

You can also use Salesforce B2C Commerce's Beta search feature, which must be enabled by Commerce Cloud Support. This feature is case insensitive. There is no need for wildcard because it supports multi-word entries that are not order specific. For example, "Striped Shirt" and "Shirt Striped" are considered equivalent. If you enter shirt striped using the standard product search, no entries are found.

  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Products and Catalogs > Products.
  2. On the Simple Product Search page, manage your products in these ways:
    • Click the Product ID or Name link to directly access the product detail page for that product.
    • Click the Select All column link to select all of the products on the current page. Click Clear All to deselect all products.
    • Click Edit All (edit all products in the result set) and Edit Selected (edit those products with check marks) to initiate an editing wizard. See Editing Products.
    • Click New to create a new product. See Adding Products Manually.
    • Click Copy to make a copy of the product. The copy is automatically given an ID of <product ID-x> beginning with X as one. When you return to the product search, the new copy will be listed below the original product.
    • Click Delete to delete the selected products. You are prompted to confirm your actions. Click OK to delete the products or Cancel. You are returned to the product search box.