Buy X /Get Y Promotions

You can configure a Buy X / Get Y product promotion, where a specific number of qualifying products must be purchased, while the products that are counted toward the condition are not eligible for the discount. Unlike other product promotions, this promotion limits the number of products that can be discounted within each application of the rule. If the same products are eligible as both qualifying and conditional products, the promotion must sort the products based on price, using the most expensive products to satisfy the condition, and then applying the discount to the next product in the list that is of equal or lesser value to the conditional products, depending on the site promotion preference setting.

Note: For class-exclusive Buy X / Get Y product promotions, both the discounted and the qualifying products are prevented from receiving further discounts. This is to prevent products from being counted twice, where qualifying products in one promotion are used as the discounted products in another promotion.

You can control how Salesforce B2C Commerce applies this discount using a site preference that ensures that the least expensive products always receive the discount. You can also control, using a site preference, if products that are eligible for this discount can have a higher value than the qualifying product.

Tiered Buy X / Get Y Promotions

You can create tiers for a Buy X / Get Y promotion via the option: Promotion requires the exact number of discounted products in order to apply. The total cart quantity is used to calculate discount eligibility. This option ensures that for values of Y greater than one, there are enough Y discounted products in the cart to qualify for the promotion tier. For example, if a customer has four items in their cart, three of which qualify for a Buy 3 / Get 2 free discount, the remaining product isn't sufficient to qualify for the discount because there must be two free products.

If a shopper has multiple products in their cart that qualify for a Buy X / Get Y discount, B2C Commerce considers the highest quantity Buy X / Get Y promotion on eligible product groups first before considering the next highest Buy X / Get Y promo. This ensures that the highest Buy X / Get Y promotion is applied first to maximize the value for the shopper, while not giving them extra Buy X / Get Y discounts.

If the cart quantity is eligible for more than one Buy X / Get Y tiered promotion threshold, B2C Commerce only applies the most advantageous promotion. For example, a customer's cart contains six products. The cart applies the Buy 3/Get 2 free promotion and not the Buy 2 / Get 1 free promotion because the first is more advantageous to the customer.

The products that are considered for one Buy X / Get Y promotion can't be considered for another Buy X / Get Y promotion in the same cart within the same tier. They can, however, be considered for other Buy X / Get Y (or other) promotions. If the cart contains four products, for example, B2C Commerce applies the Buy 2 / Get 1 free promotion to the forth product, after applying the Buy 3 / Get 2 free promotion to the first three products.


There are two promotions for the same product: Buy 3 / Get 2 Free and Buy 2 / Get 2 Free. There are four products in the cart. The most advantageous discount is Buy 2 / Get 2 Free, because it results in four free products (applied twice). Buy 3 / Get 2 Free only results in 2 free products.

The results depends on the value of the setting: Promotion requires the exact number of discounted products in order to apply.

When the setting is enabled, the second discount doesn't apply at all because three qualifying products and two free products are required for the discount.

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