Buy X and Y Get Z Promotion

The Buy X and Y Get Z promotion enables customers to buy multiple different products to receive a discount, for example, buy a dress and a pair of shoes and get 50% off on a handbag. This promotion always use the most expensive products as the qualifying products. A site preference controls if the next most expensive or the least expensive products are selected as the discounted products. See the example below.

With this promotion type, the same item can't be both qualifying and discounted and can't count multiple times towards the qualifying condition. For example, consider a promotion of the form: buy 1 red item and 1 pair of shoes to get a free widget. If the customer buys a pair of shoes, they don't get a free widget even though they bought a product that satisfies both of the two qualifying groups. A pair of shoes is one product (SKU). The customer must buy two products to qualify.

For this promotion type to apply for a group of products, the entire qualifying combination must be present in the cart, but only a portion of the discounted product combination must be present.


The Same as qualifying products option isn't available for this promotion type.

The Promotion applies to identical products only option isn't available for this promotion type.

The Maximum Applications option is available for this promotion type. If specified, the application limit applies to the number of combinations that might receive the discount, and not the number of individual products that receive the discount.

Promotion Setting Example

This promotion applies: Buy 1X and 1Y and get 20% off any two other items.

This is the customer's cart:
Product            Quantity            Price
x                         1              $50
y                         1              $30
a                         1              $20
b                         1              $15
c                         1              $10
                              Total:    $125

Products A, B, and C don't satisfy the product rules for X and Y.

If the Buy X/Get Y promotion site preference is set to:
  • Discount next most expensive products (default): products a and b are discounted.
  • Discount least expensive products: products b and c are discounted.


This discount doesn't support the following:

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