Buy X for Total Promotion

Use the Buy X for Total promotion type for products that have:

With this promotion type, you can tier discounts, for example, Buy 2 shirts for $20 total, or 3 shirts for $23 total.

Note: Separate qualifying and discounted products are not supported. Tiering is on the discounted products, not the qualifying products.

Discount Processing

With this promotion type, Salesforce B2C Commerce calculates the savings based on multiple products and distributes the savings evenly across all discounted products, as long as the number of products matches exactly what the rule states.

The actual discount is the difference between the original price and the price defined by the promotion.

Basic Example

If you offer the promotion: Buy 3 shirts for $22, and the consumer purchases products as follows, no discount is applied because the basket doesn't contain at least three shirts.

Shirt color Number ordered Unit price
Red 1 $13
Blue 1 $12

When the customer purchases products as follows, the discount applies.

Shirt color Number ordered Unit price
Red 2 $13
Blue 2 $12

The price adjustments are as follows:

Shirt color Number ordered Unit price Adjusted price Discount per item
Red 2 $13 -$10.95 -$5.47
Blue 1 $12 -$5.05 -$5.05

The price/discount calculation was as follows:

  1. Discount fixed-price: $22
  2. Applicable discounted products: 2 x Red Shirt, 1 x Blue Shirt
  3. Total price applicable discounted products: 2 x $13 + 1 x $12 = $38
  4. Total savings: $38 - $22 = $16
  5. % Savings: 16/38 = 0.421 (that is, 42.1%)
  6. Price adjustment per red shirt item: $13 * 0.421 = -$5.47
  7. Price adjustment per blue shirt item: $12 * 0.421 = -$5.05

The promotion was applied on two red shirts, but only one blue shirt, because the unit price of the red shirt is higher, and therefore the savings for the customer after the discount is higher than it would be if applied on a blue shirt.

As for any other promotion, you can specify a max-application limit to limit the number of applications of this promotion per basket.

Tiering Example

B2C Commerce handles the tiered version of a Buy X for Total fixed-price promotion differently from the other tiered promotion types. Usually, only the highest applicable tier is applied. (Buy 2 or more, get them for $10 each. Buy 4 or more, get them for $9 each.) For Buy X for Total fixed-price promotions, all tiers might be applied, depending on the number of items in the cart.

For example, a merchant offers a promotion: Buy 2 shirts for $20, 3 shirts for $22, with no application limit. The basket contains five discounted products.

Shirt color Number ordered Unit price
Red 3 $14
Blue 2 $12

The three red shirts qualify for the threshold=3 tier. The remaining two blue shirts qualify for the threshold=2 tier. These are the applied discounts:

Shirt color Number ordered Promotion List price New price Discount
Red 3 3 for $22 $42 $22 $20
Blue 2 2 for $20 $24 $20 $ 4

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