Creating Shipping Promotion Rules

Create shipping promotions that apply against shipping costs, for example Free shipping on orders over $100.

A cart can contain multiple shipments (created using Salesforce B2C Commerce API). Therefore, product shipping promotions are applied on each shipment individually.

  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Online Marketing > Promotions.
  2. On the Promotion List page, select or create a promotion.
  3. On the Promotions page, enter or select the general promotion information.
  4. Select Shipping as the Promotion class.

    For example, buy $100 worth of products in a shipment (for example, dresses), and get free shipping.

  5. Select a promotion type:
  6. Specify the discount. You can tier these discounts by clicking Add and entering another discount:
    • Percent off: Enter a value between 1 and 100. Applies as a shipping amount. You can configure discount precision for this discount.
    • Amount off: No currency symbols. Applies as a shipping amount.
    • Fixed price: No currency symbols. Applies as a shipping amount.
    • Free: Applies as a shipping amount.
    When tiering discounts, make sure the thresholds are unique. You can't have two discounts with the same threshold. For example, you can specify "Buy $100 and get 10% off of standard shipping" and "Buy $200 and get 20% off standard shipping" - but not "Buy $100 and get 10% off of standard shipping" and "Buy $100 and get 20% off of standard shipping."
  7. Click Edit (or Add for the Combination promotion type) to specify qualifying products.
    If this attribute is empty, all products in the order are considered qualifying. Otherwise, only those matching the product rule contribute toward the merchandise total.
  8. Click Edit to specify shipping methods.
  9. Select Alert if this is an approaching discount promotion, and then specify the amount the merchandise total must be within to trigger the condition.
    If you delete the shipping method, the promotion stays the same, with shipping method marked as missing.
  10. Specify the restrictions.
    If this isn't selected, the promotion still applies if the shipment contains non-qualifying products.
  11. Specify the Maximum Application (how many times this promotion can be applied to this order).
    Leave the field empty or enter a whole number.
  12. Click Apply.
    For orders with multiple shipments available, if you don't specify a maximum application, the shipping promotion applies to all shipments in the order. If you do specify a maximum application, the promotion applies to that number of shipments, starting from most expensive and progressing to least expensive.

    For example, you specify a maximum application of two and the shipment totals are: $130, $170 and $250. Assuming all of the shipment totals meet the promotion criteria, only the $250 and $170 order receive the promotion benefit.