Creating Tiered Discounts

You can create tiered discounts these types of promotions:

Note: For the Buy X/Get Y discount, you can use the Promotion requires the exact number of discounted products in order to apply setting.
  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Online Marketing > Promotions.
  2. On the Promotion List page, create or open a promotion.
  3. On the Promotions page, enter or select the general promotion information.
  4. After specifying the first discount in the Promotion Rule section, click Add.

    Another discount field string appears.

  5. Specify the discount, making sure to provide a unique threshold.
    For example, you can specify Buy $100 and get $10 off and Buy $200 and get $20 off, but not Buy $100 and get $10 off and Buy $100 and get 10% off.
  6. Repeatedly click Add and specify discounts as needed to build out the desired tiers.
  7. Click Apply.