Discount on a Product Option

The percent off product options discount enables you to offer a discount for product options. Because options are never sold alone, but always as part of a product, you must identify the products with the options that receive the discount. For example, Get 50% off on the glossy paper option (usually a $2.99 upgrade).

The percent off product options type is available for the following promotion types:

When evaluating products for this discount, Salesforce B2C Commerce selects the products with the most expensive option value first.

This discount only applies to options that have a positive price when viewed in the storefront. Depending on the option values and whether an option is an included option for the product, the price might have a positive or negative in the storefront. If an option has a negative price in the storefront, the discount doesn't apply.

Ambiguous Options

Because option IDs are not required to be unique, if you add a product option ID that exists for multiple products or catalogs, B2C Commerce detects this and shows optionID (ambiguous) in the discounted products rule. Because shared options are unique, this only happens if you have a shared and product-specific option with the same name or two product specific options with the same name.

When the option ID is ambiguous, the discount applies to all options with that ID. However, because the product rule must match both the selected products and selected option values, you can make sure the option discount is only applied to the products or values you want. For example, assume you have the following options:

ID tvWarranty
Name Plasma Warranty

000 - none

001 - one-year warranty

002 - two-year warranty

ID tvWarranty
Name LCD TV Warranty

100 - one-year warranty

200 - two-year warranty

300 - three-year warranty

The following table describes how to restrict the discount to specific products.

To apply the discount to: Create a rule that includes:
All TVs Products with option 'tvWarranty (ambiguous)' = '100' or '200' or '300'
LCD TVs Product Option ID is equal to one or more of the option values.

The product rule appears as follows:

Products with option 'tvWarranty (ambiguous)' = '100' or '200' or '300'
This restricts the discount to the LCD warranty because the two tvWarranty options don't share the same option values.
Samsung Plasma TVs

Product Option ID is equal to one or more of the option values

Brand is equal to Samsung.

TV type is equal to 0010 Plasma.

The product rule appears as follows:

Products with option 'tvWarranty (ambiguous)' = '000' or '001' or '002' 
and with brand = 'Samsung' and with attribute 'tvType' = '0010'

Option Prices Affected by Product Discounts As Well as Option Discounts

When applying a percentage discount to an option product, B2C Commerce also discounts the option line items. This results in price adjustments on the base product line item and all option line items that have a nonzero price. This doesn't occur with any other discount type. This means that the discount on the product option can appear greater than the discount specified when specifically discounting the product option, if a product promotion also discounts the product.

Promotion Compatibility Rules

For the sake of promotion compatibility rules, B2C Commerce still considers a promotion that targets product options as a product promotion. Thus, it isn't possible to have two class-exclusive product promotions - one that targets a base product and another that targets an option - apply to the same SKU in the cart.

Example of Product Option Discount: Creating a Warranty Promotion for Samsung Televisions

The following example uses SiteGenesis data and can be duplicated in your copy of SiteGenesis.

  1. Because you must include the exact product option ID and value ID, identify these first. In this case, you are discounting the tvWarranty (Extended Warranty) shared product option. The value to discount is the 002 (3 Year Warranty) value.
  2. Select site > Online Marketing > Promotions.
  3. Click New.
  4. For ID, enter optDiscount.
  5. For Name, enter Optional Discount.
  6. Select Currency, All.
  7. Select Enabled, Yes.
  8. Select Searchable, Yes.
  9. Add the callout message, You get a discount on this option !!!.
  10. Select Exclusivity, NO (Can be combined with any promotion).
  11. Click Apply.

    Now you add the condition that restricts the promotion to products with a specific product option ID value.

  12. For Promotion Class, select Product and Without qualifying products.
  13. For Discount, enter 10 and select Percent Off Product Options.
  14. Under Discounted Products, click Edit.
  15. Under Qualifier, select Product Option ID. The text in the field turns red.
  16. Under , click in the field and enter tvWarranty.
  17. Under Operator, select is equal.
  18. Under Value, enter 002.
  19. Click Add.

    Now you add the condition that the products must be Samsung products.

  20. Under Qualifier select Brand.
  21. Under Operator, select is equal.
  22. Under Value enter Samsung.
  23. Click Add. Now you add the condition that the products must be televisions.
  24. Under Qualifier select Category.
  25. Under Operator, select is equal.
  26. Under Value, click in the row to see the ellipses button. Click the button to see a tree of categories.
  27. In the tree, expand electronics (Electronics) and then select electronics-televisions(Televisions).
  28. Click Save twice.
  29. You should see the following rule shown for discounted products:
    Products with option 'tvWarranty (Extended Warranty)' = '002 (3 Year Warranty)' 
    and with brand = 'Samsung' 
    and in category 'electronics-televisions(Televisions)' or subcategories Global product exclusions are enabled.
  30. Now you must assign this promotion to a campaign.
  31. Select site > Merchant Tools > Online Marketing > Campaigns.
  32. Select the electronics-promotions campaign.
  33. Click Add Experience and select Add Promotion.
  34. On the Assign Promotions page, select optDiscount and click Apply.
  35. Click Apply again.
  36. Make sure the campaign is enabled.
  37. Return to the promotion and ensure that the 10% discount appears in the discount field.
  38. Open SiteGenesis and add the item to your cart and use the 3-year warranty.

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