Product Shipping Discounts

You can create and apply the following product shipping discount types:

Use these discount types only if your application performs a Salesforce B2C Commerce shipping cost calculation. If you use customized shipping logic, this feature might not be useful. In B2C Commerce, product specific shipping cost (fixed or surcharge) are optional. If products have this extra cost, you can configure this discount type.

For discounted products... Shipping discount generally appears in the cart as a... How the discount appears in the cart
with product-specific shipping costs negative price adjustment. ($5.00)
without product-specific shipping costs positive price adjustment $5.00

In both of the above cases, the product is excluded from the merchandise total for shipment-level shipping cost lookup.

Applying a Product Shipping Discount

When a promotion has a maximum number of applications, B2C Commerce must determine which qualifying products in the cart are selected for discounts. To do this, it first prioritizes all qualifying products. For non-shipping product promotions, products with the highest cost (after considering previously applied product discounts) are selected before products with lower cost. This is to provide the highest possible savings to customer. There is no simple natural order for product shipping discounts because products might or might not have an individual shipping cost. However, the following rules are intended to provide the best value to customers:

  1. Items with no previous product shipping discounts are selected before items with previous product shipping discounts.
  2. If both items have previous product shipping discounts, items with higher product shipping cost after previous discounts applied are selected before items with lower product shipping cost.
  3. If neither item has previous product shipping discounts, items with a higher product cost are selected before items with a lower product cost.
  4. If there is a tie after rules 1-3, products with a lower position in the basket are selected before products with higher positions.
  5. If there is still a tie, items appear on the same product line item; and items with lower item numbers are selected before items with high item numbers.

Discount Types

Apply the product shipping discount to these product promotion discount types:

Note: This isn't available for Buy X/Get Y or Buy X for Total promotions.

Product Shipping Discounts Are Similar to Other Product Discounts

There Are Some Differences


This example shows multiple product line items, with or without product shipping cost, with or without product shipping promotions, and line items that qualify for a promotion only partially (for example, due to the maximum application limit). In this example, an additional shipment-level shipping promotion is applied.

These are the promotions:

Note: Standard shipping costs = 10% of merchandise total

The following appears in the customer's cart:

Product # Product price Product shipping discount Product-specific shipping cost Totals
Red kids flip flops 1 $10.00 free   $10.00
Misses floral dress 1 $20.00 $1.00   $21.00
Woman's black jeans 1 $30.00 ($1.00) $.50 $29.50
Leather handbag 2 $70.00 $1.00   $141.00
    200.00     $201.50
Merchandise total         $200.00
Merchandise total for shipping cost         $70.00
Shipment shipping cost         $ 7.00
Total shipping cost         $ 8.50

The $.99 shipping promotion isn't applied because the merchandise total is < $180.

Note: All products don't need to be contained in a single shipment. They can be spread across multiple shipments as long as they are all assigned to an appropriate shipping method. However, order shipping discounts apply per shipment.

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