Using Multiple Promotion Qualifiers

You can create promotions within a campaign that require multiple qualifying conditions to be met in order to apply for a given customer. For example, the logical AND condition enables you to create a promotion that requires a customer to qualify by being assigned to a particular customer group (registered customers) and also by entering a specific coupon in the basket.

By default, qualifying conditions for campaigns and promotions can be combined by the logical OR. You must change this setting within the campaign.

  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Online Marketing > Campaigns.
  2. Locate and open a campaign.
  3. Locate the relevant promotion experience within the campaign details.
  4. Change the Required Qualifiers column from Any to All.
    Option Description

    The customer must satisfy at lease one of the selected qualifiers for example, coupon-based, sourcecode-base, or customergroup-based checkboxes. .

    All The customer must satisfy all of the selected qualifiers, for example, coupon-based, sourcecode-base, and customergroup-based checkboxes.