Previewing Recommender Strategies and Rules

When you configure recommenders, you select strategies and you define rules, both of which affect the list of product recommendations returned to the storefront by Commerce Cloud Einstein.

As you add, delete, or change the order of your strategies or rules, you can preview them to see how your changes affect the resulting list of recommendations.

Depending on the recommender type that you are previewing, you might have to specify product anchors or category anchors. These anchors fill in values that are needed by Commerce Cloud Einstein to simulate what a storefront visitor might do when using your site.

For example, if the storefront visitor was viewing a specific product, the system would automatically pass information about that product to Commerce Cloud Einstein, which can then generate a list of recommendations in response.

However, because the Configurator tool doesn't have access to what a storefront visitor is doing, you have to provide this information by specifying a product anchor, which enables Commerce Cloud Einstein to return a list of recommendations appropriate for that product.

To preview a recommender's strategies or rules, perform the following steps:

  1. In a web browser, go to
  2. Log in to the Configurator tool using the credentials provided to you by your administrator.
  3. Click the Site Recommendations tab.
  4. Double click a row in the table to select a recommender.
  5. Click on either the Strategies tab or the Rules tab.
  6. Click Preview.
    If the recommender type is Products in a category, you must specify a category anchor (a category ID); and if the recommender type is Product to Product, you must specify a product anchor (a product ID). Other recommender types don't require an anchor when being previewed.
  7. Click Go.
    The page shows zero or more products returned by the recommender.