Testing Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA)

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The testing technologies are installed when you set up your Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) project.

They include these kinds of tests:
  • Controllers are tested with integration tests. Salesforce B2C Commerce uses mocha, chai, and request-promise for integration testing.
  • Models are tested with unit tests. B2C Commerce uses mocha, chai, sinon, and proxyquire for unit tests.
  • Views are tested with functional tests. B2C Commerce uses mocha, chai, and webdriver.io for functional tests.

Testing Commands

Use these commands:

Command Description

npm run cover

Runs unit tests with a coverage report.

npm run test

* Runs all SFRA unit tests.

npm run test:appium

* Runs functional tests for mobile devices.

npm run test:integration

* Runs the integration tests.

npm run test:functional

Runs the functional tests in the browser.

npm run test:functional:docker

Runs the functional tests from inside docker.

npm run test:functional:sauce

Runs the remote functional tests
Note: * These commands require a dw.json file or extra command-line parameters.

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