Page Information Tool


To use the Page Information tool, click the icon in the upper left corner of the storefront and select Page Information.


The Page Information tool is used primarily when developing ISML templates for the storefront. The Page Information tool provides information about the templates used to construct specific components of the page.

Hover over different parts of the storefront page and the Page Information tool outlines each page component and provides links to the templates or pipelines used to construct the component. Click the link to open the content for editing in Studio.

To use the Page Information tool to edit the template in Studio, the following must be true:
  • You must have the cartridge for the storefront in Studio.
  • You must have registered the protocol handler for the tool. Studio automatically registers the protocol for you.

The most specific template is usually listed at the top of the window. You might also want to hover over various portions of a selected component to see additional information. For example, in addition to the templates used to render the search result, you can also view information about the pipeline used to create the search title and the templates used to derive the price.

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