What Is an On-Demand Sandbox?

An on-demand sandbox is a public-cloud-based sandbox that you can get and manage using API calls. You can control how many on-demand sandboxes you're using and how long the on-demand sandboxes are active. You can expand your sandbox usage when required and then roll back usage during slow periods.

Permissions for creating and managing on-demand sandboxes are integrated with B2C Commerce Account Manager. When you create an on-demand sandbox, you can specify Open Commerce API and WebDav permissions. You can specify a time-to-live (TTL) value to automatically delete a sandbox after a specified time interval.

A usage-based pricing model allows you the flexibilty to keep just a few sandboxes running for an extended period or create many short-term sandboxes. You can purchase credits that you can use to consume uptime and downtime on-demand sandbox usage. A user assigned to the Sandbox API User role can control how the credits are consumed. When a sandbox is created or started, it begins consuming uptime, at the rate of 1 credit per minute or portion of a minute. When a sandbox is stopped, it consumes downtime, at the rate of 0.3 credits per minute or portion of a minute. When a sandbox is deleted, it stops consuming credits.

When an on-demand sandbox is created, it is empty, but you can use the standard import and export tools to import a predefined data set and upload it to the sandbox.

You can't directly migrate from a POD-based sandbox to an on-demand sandbox, but you can export data and code from a POD sandbox and then use the on-demand sandbox API to import the data and code into an on-demand sandbox.