Creating Business Objects

The SiteGenesis application handles most general ecommerce processing situations. However, as you develop your storefront, you might identify a particular processing need that isn't implemented. In that case, you might want to create custom attribute for an existing system object. For example, you might want to create an object type of ProcessingDays to hold an integer that represents the number of days required to process the order.

If your data is especially complex, you might need to create a custom business object to handle the transaction. Creation of custom business objects can significantly impact overall performance, is usually unnecessary, and should be avoided if there is another possible solution.

In Salesforce B2C Commerce, you can define custom business objects that require no explicit database schema changes. B2C Commerce uses the concept of metadata, where you first declare the data element, and then access it.

There are two parts to adding custom business objects to the B2C Commerce environment: definition and creation. While you must always use Business Manager to define your custom objects, you can use the Business Manager, B2C Commerce JavaScript or import pipelets to create them. Creation means actually creating the data.

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