HTTPClient with Scripting

The HTTPClient class implements the HTTPClient for Salesforce B2C Commerce script, by supporting the HTTP methods: GET, POST, HEAD, PUT and DELETE.

Salesforce recommends that you use the web service implementation in the dw.svc package instead of using HTTPClient directly, because it adds analytics and timeout management.


var request : HTTPClient = new HTTPClient();
   try {"GET", requestString);
    var xmlObj : XML = new XML(request.getText());
    var xmlList : XMLList = xmlObj.children().children();
	var recommendations : LinkedHashSet = new LinkedHashSet();
    for each( var item in xmlList)
    	var productID : String = item["product-id"];
	var product = dw.catalog.ProductMgr.getProduct(productID);
		if(product != null)
	 		recommendations.add( product );
Note: See the API documentation for more information.