Scripting: Maintaining State

A script can't maintain state from one execution to the next. After the execution of a script, all variables are erased from the system. To maintain state across calls, use other mechanisms such as:

Using the Session

Use the Session class to access details about browser actions, such as:

Using Persistent Business Objects

The SiteGenesis application handles most general ecommerce processing situations. However, as you develop your storefront, you might identify a particular processing need that isn't implemented. In that case, you might want to create a custom business object to handle the transaction. For example, you might want to offer customers the ability to add a monogram or personalized name to certain products such as tote bags or camera cases.

See Creating Custom Business Objects for more detail on using Persistent Business Objects.

Using Client-Side Cookies

Using the Salesforce B2C Commerce APIs, not only can you collect information about the cookies that are bound to a session, you can also track all associated cookies via an array.