Configure Searchable Attributes

When a customer enters a search query, only product or content attributes that are configured as searchable attributes are searched, and only products or content assets that contain the search term in a searchable attribute are returned in search results. If the term is contained in an attribute that isn't a searchable attribute, the product isn't returned in search results.

As a best practice, confine your searchable attributes to the minimum number necessary for customer searches. Searchable attributes contribute greatly to the size of indexes, which can affect the speed of your search.

Searchable attributes you select have no effect on the attributes selected for search refinement or sorting rules. However, the boost factor that you select for a searchable attribute affects the sort order if you create a sorting rule that uses text relevance as a sorting criterion. See Search Redirects.

  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Search > Searchable Attributes
  2. On the Searchable Attributes page, within either the Product Index Attributes or the Content Index Attributes section, click New.
  3. Expand the highlighted field.
    A selection menu opens. Only attributes with appropriate data types for search appear.
  4. Select an attribute.
  5. Click the Boost Factor field and enter a boost factor if you want to increase or decrease the importance of the attribute to the search results. For example, if you want the product name to be more important than the description, you could enter 2.00 and the attribute would be twice as important as attributes with the default value of 1.00. You can use decimals as boost factors.

    A boost of:

    • 1.00 is the default and does not change the order of default search results.
    • 1.01–100.00 increases the importance of the field in search results. Generally, however, Salesforce B2C Commerce recommends boosts less than or equal to 5.00.
    • .01-.99 reduces the impact in the search results.

    The new attribute appears in the dialog with red triangles in each field. This indicates that your change is not applied.

  6. Select Autocorrection, Yes (default) or No.

    By default, all searchable attribute values are subject to auto correction (spell checking) and auto completion. If, for example, a searchable attribute Color is enabled for auto correction, all the color names are corrected and completed. This behavior might be inappropriate for certain attributes such as product ID. For example, when customers search using a product ID, they are typically checking on a product and expect to see either the specific product detail page or the no results page. But they don't expect a different product that has a similar ID.

    Note: Autocorrection is set to No by default for HTML type searchable attributes.

    When you select:

    • Yes, the attribute is included in autocorrection.
    • No, the attribute values are excluded from autocorrection, while they are still searchable.
  7. Click Apply. The red triangles in the attribute disappear.
  8. Rebuild the Product or Content Index, depending on the attributes you added.