Create Search Suggestions - Legacy

As of the 18.1 release, using the Search Dictionaries Dashboard is the preferred method. This legacy method is still functional, but will be phased out in future releases.

  1. Enable the Search Suggestions setting by selecting site > Merchant Tools > Search > Search Preferences.

    See Also Search Preferences.

    This is only for sites that use the simple search suggestion feature, implemented prior to Release 14.3.

  2. Select site > Merchant Tools > Search > Suggestions.
    A message displays on this page indicating if the site is configured for regional locales to inherit the linguistic rules defined for their language locale. You can change the setting on the Search Preferences page.
  3. On the Suggestion Phrases tab, add a phrase in the New Phrases field and click Apply.
    1. Add terms one at a time.
    2. Search for phrases you might have already added using the Keyword text box.
  4. Click the Term Blacklist tab to exclude search suggestions that have already been included in the Search Suggestion index:
    1. Select the locale.
    2. In the Term Black List section, add phrases, separated by commas, in the text box
    3. Click Apply.
  5. Click the Settings tab.
    1. Select the locale.
    2. Enter the minimum term length that is required to execute the term correction and auto completion part of search suggestions
      Select an integer from 1 through 5 (3 is the default). This setting is only applicable for the enhanced search suggestion feature.
    3. Click Apply.
  6. Evaluate your suggestions and configurations:
    1. If you are using simple search suggestions, you can view the list of suggestions and the number of times those suggestions are hit in a search result:
      1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Search > Search Indexes > Suggest Index > Default Link.
      2. On the Search Indexes page, click the Documents tab.
      3. On the Search Indexes page Documents tab, view product hit details about each keyword phrase.
    2. If you are using enhanced search suggestions:
      1. Customize Your Application to support this feature.
      2. On the Search Indexes page Statistics tab, click the Analyze Terms link in the Dictionary section to view the resulting suggestions.
      3. In site > Merchant Tools > Search > Search Index Query Testing, you can enter a search term to see how it is completed and corrected by the suggestion processor.