Create Compound Words - Legacy

As of the 18.1 release, using the Search Dictionaries Dashboard is the preferred. This legacy method is still functional, but will be phased out in future releases.
  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Search > Compound Word Dictionary.
    A message appears on this page indicating if the site is configured for regional locales to inherit the linguistic rules defined for their language locale. You can change the setting on the Search Preferences page.
  2. On the Compound Word Dictionary page, enter a comma-separated list of the terms you want to be split during a search query into the New Word field.
    Your rules should look something like the following:
    • "cream-cheese"
    • "work-shirt"
    • *-cleaner, *-care, *-cleaners
    • *-cover
    • *-hose
    • *-shoes, *-shoe
    • ankle-*
    • back-*
    • digital-camera, "digital-camera"
    • global-positioning-system
  3. Click Apply to save the compound words you have created.