Create Synonyms - Legacy

As of the 18.1 release, using the Search Dictionaries Dashboard is the preferred. This legacy method is still functional, but will be phased out in future releases.
  1. Select site > Merchant Tools> > Search > Synonym Dictionary.
    A message appears on this page indicating if the site is configured for regional locales to inherit the linguistic rules defined for their language locale. You can change the setting on the Search Preferences page.
  2. On the Synonym Dictionary page, search using the Keyword field to see if the words you want to include in the synonym group are already included in a synonym group. Words can be included in more than one synonym group. However, the system identifies all words in all groups that contain common words as synonyms.
  3. Select the local for the synonyms to be applied to from the list. You can create separate synonym groups for different locales.
  4. Enter a comma-separated list of synonyms into the New Group field.

    We recommend that you don't include plurals in this list, because all words are stemmed to the singular and the only affect that adding plurals has is making the indexing process longer. Salesforce B2C Commerce search automatically finds plural synonyms.

    See Creating a Stemmer Exception List.

  5. Click Apply to save the synonym group.