No Results Found Page

When a storefront search query yields no results, Salesforce B2C Commerce checks the query for misspellings that could cause empty search results. If it identifies an alternate spelling (depending on the search preferences configured), it shows the message:

"We're sorry, no products were found for your search: [search term] did you mean: [alternative term] ?".

The customers can click the suggested spelling to launch a new search for that term.

Note: To avoid invalid Did You Mean suggestions, B2C Commerce evaluates corrected and completed search terms for their probability within the current search context.

You can customize your application to perform more merchandizing on the no results found page by suggesting substitute products. Consider including on this page a search box with searching tips or a high-level site map, category listing, or key page links. Doing this ensures that this page isn't a dead end for the customer.

Salesforce recommends that you use the spelling suggestions feature to prevent customers from getting a no results page if they have misspelled a search term.

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