Search Dictionaries

The Search Dictionary module allows you to manage all of your search dictionaries from one location.
Note: Einstein Search Dictionaries behave slightly different. See Einstein Search Dictionaries.
  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Search > Search Dictionaries.
  2. Click or select a dictionary type.
  3. Select a dictionary list view.
    Only entries for the selected type appear. To change the sort order, click the column header arrows. On the Search Dictionaries page, you can edit, duplicate, or delete existing entries.

  4. To create a dictionary entry, click New .
    Required fields are indicated with a red dot.
    1. On the Create New Dictionary window, specify the type.
    2. Select the locale.
    3. Enter the dictionary entry as a value.
    4. Click Save.
  5. To edit an entry, you can search or filter to find it.
    • To search for an entry across dictionaries, click Search Dictionary.

      Search depends on the filtered view. If no filters are applied, search includes all dictionaries.

    • To add a filter, click the filter icon.
      1. Click Add Filter.
      2. Select a field and value.
      3. Click Apply.
    • To edit an existing filter, click Edit List Filters .
    • On the Filter panel, click X in a filter or Remove All.

      The filter is not permanently deleted, it is only removed from the current view

    For specific search dictionary information, refer to the following pages:

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