Search Results

When dealing with search results, there are various factors to consider.

You might want to use availability ranking to manipulate the search results of a customer query to reflect what you want to highlight. For example, you might want to promote in-stock products, and push products with low stock levels to the end of the search results.

You might even want to exclude unavailable products from the search results. Integrating with inventory data can really enhance the customer experience. Learning at checkout the the product you want is unavailable is a frustrating experience.

You might want to control how variation products show, whether as individual products or as one product. For example, you can show a separate tile or list item for each color variation of a pair of sandals or show one tile that represents all colors.

You can use product attributes for searching, giving you considerable flexibility in how products are identified.

When configuring search and navigation for your storefront, will often need to troubleshoot your search results. You need to consider things like queries, indexes, stemming, performance, availability ranking, and how your products are configured.

You can monitor and analyze search results, to identify how shoppers are finding the products they want, and how they are not finding products. You can use search and navigation reports to identify, for example, top search terms, external search hits, and how search terms correspond to conversions.