Search Term Completion

Salesforce B2C Commerce enables you to provide search suggestion capabilities in your storefront application. While customers are entering text into the storefront search box, suggestions appear, helping them to locate items faster. The SiteGenesis application uses this feature.

B2C Commerce automatically uses all category show names and product brand names as search suggestions, to which you can add phrases that are unique to your business. When you customize search suggestions, you should consider phrases or products that are commonly found in your business, such as air conditioner or Sleep sofa, and phrases that you want to exclude from search suggestions, such as narcotics or adult videos. You can also import explicit suggestions.

All search phrases are then included in a special suggest index, and are used as search term suggestions in the storefront. At any time, you can view your site's suggestion list along with calculated hit counts.

If you add or edit phrases to the search index, you must update the search suggestion index for them to be included. The suggest index can be updated by a full index rebuild or by incremental index updates. You must enable search suggestions in the search preferences. This preference, like all other search preferences, is instance type-specific.

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