Search and Navigation Implementation Considerations

Guidelines and requirements you may want to consider as you implement search and navigation throughout your storefront.

Requirements Phase

Identify how many types of search are required for the solution. For example, do you want different behavior or presentation for different categories: top sellers versus clearance items or for content assets versus products?

Paging logic:

Sorting and ranking logic:

Indexing attributes:

Maintaining indexes:

If the merchant plans to import search index definitions, define the import process. If possible, implement it as a job within Salesforce B2C Commerce, so that you can take advantage of the scheduling and notification functionality built into B2C Commerce. If you intend to perform regular index updates, these can also be scheduled in Business Manager.

Design Phase

Operational Overhead

During the design phase, merchants should consider the day-to-day operational overhead associated with creating and maintaining search indexes manually within B2C Commerce, especially merchants with large product catalogs. This process includes examining current customer searches, identifying needed changes, configuring dictionaries and indexes, and manually building and replicating indexes.

Build Phase

Build code to support search requirements.

Development/Test Phase

To facilitate development and testing, you must: