Spelling Suggestions

As implemented in the SiteGenesis application, if a search query yields no results, Salesforce B2C Commerce checks the search query to detect misspellings that could cause empty search results. If it identifies an alternate spelling, depending on the search preferences configured, it does one of the following:

Note: See the table at the end of Setting Search Preferences.

The auto spell feature, enabled by a preference, is based on a dictionary that is part of the standard product index. This feature is used by search suggestions and Did You Mean to perform the spell check prior to showing search results.

Product changes and a subsequent product index rebuild within Business Manager updates the spell checking dictionaries.

Spelling Suggestions and Stop Words

You can use stop words to prevent specific words from being suggested. For example, if a search for "Hello Kitty" produces the suggestion "Hello City", adding "city" as a stop word prevents the suggestion. After defining a new stop word, you must rebuild the spelling suggestion index for the stop word to be used by B2C Commerce.

Spelling Suggestion Examples

The B2C Commerce search suggestion feature provides the following results in the SiteGenesis application when all search suggest/auto spell features are enabled:

If customer searches for... B2C Commerce returns Example
telewision One suggestion television
visio telewision One (best match)

vizio television

"visio telewision" Only the quoted phrase No search results page


Lower case spelling correction, unless the entry is a brand name

Did you mean: television?


If a brand name is detected, it is corrected to its case-sensitive version. Did you mean to search for: vizio