Adding an Existing Cartridge to Your Storefront

You might want to add cartridges that are provided by Salesforce B2C Commerce or link partners to your project. B2C Commerce cartridges are available through Xchange.

If you want to import an eclipse project, see Importing an Existing Cartridge into Your Storefront.
  1. Place the cartridge in the folder where you want to access it. By default, Studio usually creates a projects\server_name\sources\cartridges folder for B2C Commerce cartridges.
  2. In UX Studio, select File > New > Cartridge.

    The Cartridge dialog opens.

  3. For Name, enter the name of the cartridge.
  4. For Location browse to the folder for the cartridge. For example: C:\projects\CommerceCloudServer\sources\cartridges\mycartridge.
  5. In Attach to B2C Commerce Servers, check the server connection you want to use with this cartridge. This is usually the server connection for the Sandbox for your storefront.
  6. Click Finish.