One of the foundations of the Salesforce B2C Commerce development architecture is the cartridge. In fact, all business functionality in B2C Commerce is organized in terms of cartridges. A cartridge is a mechanism for packaging and deploying program code and data. It can be used to extend business functionality or integrate with external systems. A cartridge can deliver generic or application-specific functionality.

You might want to add a new cartridge for functionality that is:

Note: New functionality doesn't always require a new cartridge.

Cartridges can contain:

You configure which cartridges are in use by entering a list of those cartridges in Business Manager (see Registering Your Cartridge.) The order in which cartridges are listed matters. If you want to overwrite files with a particular cartridge, put it at the end of the list (it is basically a classpath, with the cartridge as the class). Use the code upload version directories to change the active directory.

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