Configure the Page Cache

The web server caches HTML pages generated from ISML templates that are configured for caching. You configure page caching per site. The Time To Live (TTL) for page data is the same as the TTL for static content on the site.

The current instance type restricts cache settings as explained here.

Current Instance Type Cache Restrictions
Sandbox/Development None
Staging Values for the Production setting cannot be changed
Production The page cache cannot be disabled, and the minimum TTL is 24 hours

See also Caching Content and Disabling Page Cache for Development.

  1. Select Administration > Sites > Manage Sites.
  2. Click the desired site (including the Business Manager site), then click the Cache tab.
  3. Select the instance type.
  4. Enter the Time To Live in seconds. The web server holds data for the TTL before requesting it again from the application server.
    • The default is 30 days (2,592,000 seconds).
    • For production instances, the minimum TTL is 24 hours (86,400 seconds).
    • To disable caching of static files, enter 0.
    • Setting the TTL affects both the static content and page caches.
  5. Check the Enable Page Caching box, and click Apply.
See Caching Content and Invalidate a Page Cache Partition for more information on page caching.