Custom Storefront Error Pages

One of the elements of ecommerce site design and implementation that is too often overlooked is the creation of a branded "Page Not Found" error page (technically referred to as a 404 error page) within the storefront.

This module lets you upload custom error pages when Salesforce B2C Commerce Web Server errors are thrown. Use custom error pages to provide a pro-active message to your customers. Previously, if a customer mistyped the URL or did not copy it completely, errors such as 404 URL not found appeared; but provided no information about what to do next.

Select Administration > Site Development > Custom Error Pages.

You can upload customized error pages for the following HTTP status errors:
  • Internal Server Error (majorerror.html)
  • URL not found (url_error.html)
  • Timeout (overload.html)
Note: Static resource error pages cannot be customized.


The B2C Commerce Web Server error pages are uploaded to a shared directory. To view this directory, select Administration > Site Development > Custom Error Pages.

Within Business Manager, you can download a template .zip file containing all error pages which are used in cases where the application server is down or doesn't respond in time. After you download the .zip file, you are free to customize the containing content and archive your work and upload it here.

Upload the pages as one .zip file that includes the following:

The uploaded .zip file must be named again. Don't use names such as
Note: Only one .zip file can be uploaded at a time. Remember to reference CSS files and images via /waroot/FILENAME.

After your upload, the .zip file is automatically extracted and the content is stored on the web server.


Test customized errors by:

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