Enable Two-Factor Authentication for Code Deployment

Due to PCI requirements, you must use two-factor authentication (2FA) when deploying code to your Staging instance. It's optional for other instance types.

The Staging instance has the following hostnames:

Hostname Usage
cert.staging.web.customer.demandware.net for code deployments.
staging.web.customer.demandware.net by merchants to work with the Business Manager or preview in the storefront.

By default, you can deploy code from a Sandbox instance to a Staging instance with no restrictions. To set up secure code upload, contact Commerce Cloud Support and open a ticket to have 2FA enabled for your Sandbox and Staging instances. Support will send files to use to generate your keystore.

  1. Generate your certificates as described in Create and Use Certificates for Code Deployment.
    For information on the types of certificates supported by Salesforce B2C Commerce, see SSL FAQs! in XChange and Supported Certificates for B2C Commerce.
  2. Configure your WebDAV connection or Studio to use the certificate.
    For information on how to configure the certificate for the ANT upload tool, see the Build Suite documentation in Xchange.