Importing an Existing Cartridge into Your Storefront

This task assumes that the cartridge is an eclipse project. If it's not, this can cause problems on import. In that case, see Adding an Existing Cartridge to Your Storefront to add the cartridge to your workspace.
  1. Click File and select Import.
  2. Expand General, select Existing project into workspace, and click Next.
  3. Click Select root directory and navigate to folder you want to import the project from. For example: C:\projects\CommerceCloudServer\sources\cartridges\mycartridge
    Note: Make sure the folder you have selected only contains one project. Don't select a parent folder for the project, just the project itself. Even if only that project is selected in the checkbox below, selecting a parent folder disables the Finish button.
  4. Click Finish.
The Salesforce B2C Commerce plugin validates the folder structure for imported cartridges. Any problems appear in the Problems tab. Right-click any Warnings you see and select Quick Fix (if available) to fix the problems. Otherwise, use the information in the warning to fix the structural problem manually.