Troubleshoot Your Server Connection

If you don't see your code changes on the server, check your server connection. These instructions use CommerceCloudServer, which is the default name for a server connection.

Only one server is active at a time, and a server must be configured to automatically upload.

Check that the server connection has Active Server and Auto Upload selected

  1. Do one of the following:
    • In Studio, on the Navigator tab, view the CommerceCloudServer connection folder icon.

    • On the Studio toolbar, click the Salesforce B2C Commerce Server icon, and select the CommerceCloudServer connection.

      • Click B2C Commerce Server, and ensure that Active Server and Auto Upload are selected.

Check the Server Connection Configuration

  1. In Studio, on the Navigator tab, right-click CommerceCloudServer.
  2. Select B2C Commerce Server > Update Server Configuration.
    • Check that the correct instance is configured.
    • Check that the correct user and password are entered.

Check Whether a Firewall is Interfering with Your Connection

It’s possible that Studio can’t access the B2C Commerce instance if your local computer is behind the firewall. Create a proxy server to establish a connection. See Creating a Proxy Server Connection for Studio.

Upload the Cartridge

To force an upload, on the Studio toolbar, click the Commerce Cloud server button > the CommerceCloudServer connection > Upload Cartridges. This might give you more information about the problems you are experiencing.

Reassign the Cartridge

See Reassign Cartridges from One Server Connection to Another.