Analytics Reporting Events

Salesforce B2C Commerce supports fifteen analytics reporting events.

The following table describes the supported analytics reporting events:

Event Name Description
ABTest An AB test was started.
AccountOpen A shopper registered for an account.
BasketOpen A basket was created or opened.
Checkout A checkout operation was started.
GCPurchased A gift certificate item was purchased.
GCRedeemed A gift certificate was redeemed.
Item A product item was ordered.
ItemPromo An adjustment was made to the price of a product item.
LastReceivedSourceCode A source code was requested.
Order General information was recorded about an entire order.
OrderPromo An adjustment was made to the price of an order.
ProductSearch A search operation (without refinements) was started.
ShippingPromo An adjustment was made to the shipping price.
SourceCode A source code was activated.
UserOrders The total number of orders for the current customer was updated.

The ABTest event is not used in either reference application―SFRA (Storefront Reference Architecture) and SGJC (SiteGenesis Javascript Controllers).

The GCPurchased, GCRedeemed, LastReceivedSourceCode, and SourceCode events are not used in SFRA.

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