Create a Service Instance

A service instance is a single-use object used to call a remote web service. You can use the dw.svc.LocalServiceRegistry.createService() method to create a service instance.

This method takes two arguments:

The callbacks contain code that is executed at appropriate times by the service framework. For example, an HTTP or FTP service instance typically implements three callbacks: createRequest, parseResponse, and (for testing) mockCall.

A SOAP service implements two more callbacks: initServiceClient and execute.

See Create Service Callbacks for more information.

Example: Create an FTP Service Instance

The following FTP service instance executes a single FTP operation (list):

 //LocalServiceRegistry.createService creates an instance of MyFTPService
 var myFTPService = LocalServiceRegistry.createService("MyFTPService", {
     // Three callback handlers are invoked by the Service Framework
     // for FTP services at appropriate times
     // Callback handler to construct request

     createRequest: function(svc:FTPService, params) {
         svc.setOperation("list", "/");
     // Callback handler to parse response

     parseResponse : function(svc:FTPService, params) {
         var x : Array = [];
         var resp : Array = params;
         for(var i = 0; i < resp.length; i++) {
             var f = resp[i];
             x.push( { "name": f['name'], "timestamp": f['timestamp'] } );
         return x;

     // Callback handler to test the service using a mock response

     mockCall : function(svc:FTPService, params) {
         return [
             { "name": "file1", "timestamp": new Date(2011, 02, 21)},
             { "name": "file2", "timestamp": new Date(2012, 02, 21)},
             { "name": "file3", "timestamp": new Date(2013, 02, 21)}