Content Slots

A content slot can be embedded in any part of your storefront site, to show products, categories, content assets, or static HTML based on a schedule. A content asset can be a flash graphic, product carousel, product search result set, or marketing graphic. You can use Business Manager to create and schedule a slot configuration, instead of changing storefront code.

We have developed the Commerce Cloud Platform Adoption Playbook: Content Slots, which walks you through the basics of how to use content slots for promotional and personalized messaging on your site.

If you know where you want to add content in the storefront, you can use the Storefront toolkit Content Information Tool to identify content slots in the storefront. If you select the content information tool in the toolkit and hover over the area where you want to add content, if there is a content slot you see an Edit Content link. Clicking the link opens the correct content slot.

You create a slot configuration that specifies the content to show, the schedule when it appears, and any rules for choosing what content appears in the content slot.

Slotting Rules

Salesforce B2C Commerce slotting rules specify what content appears at any given time within a slot type. You can use promotion or customer group rules to determine the content shown in the slot.

For a category slot: "Boat Shoes: They Look Good All Four Seasons", you might want to show different products based on the season for a specific (men's) category. The default content is to show the top selling product (boat shoes). You might want to create the following slot configurations for the top slot on the category landing page.

Name Start Date End Date Content Template
Default Teasers 10/1/2013 5/1/2014 Product: S177809 slot/render_productl.isml
Summer Teasers 6/1/2014 8/30/2014 Product: S1996574, S2049054, S2126724 slot/render_product.isml
Fall Teasers 10/1/2014 11/30/2014 Product: S2394357, S2409634, S2409633 slot/render_product.isml
Note: Content slots are site-specific. B2C Commerce supports time and customer group rules.

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