Enabling Payment in Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle Through Adyen Device

Before performing these steps, you should have specifed Endless Aisle app settings. . You can also refer to Pairing the Payment Device with the iPad.
  1. In app/assets/config/user.js, edit the payment terminal by specifying:
        devices : {
            payment_terminal_module : 'adyenDevice'
  2. Ensure that tiapp.xml file is based on the tiapp.xml.sample.adyen file.
  3. On the VX680, do the following:
    1. Press green key + 5 at the same time.
    2. Get the IP address.
  4. Board the Adyen device:
    1. Ensure the profile you are using to log into the app is part of a permissions group that has admin access enabled.
    2. Start the Endless Aisle app on the device on which you intend to run it in the store.
    3. Tap the Hamburger Menu and tap Admin Dashboard.
    4. Select Ethernet and entering in the ip address or hostname and tap Save or select Bluetooth and enable Blutetooth in the iPad Settings to connect the device Bluetooth. (When using Ethernet, the iPad and the device need to be on the same Wi-Fi network.)
    5. On the Payment Terminal tab, enter your Adyen username, password, and merchant ID and tap Login.
    6. When the list of available devices appears, select the device to use and click Board.
  5. The Adyen device tells the Endless Aisle app if the signature is needed; the app shows a dialog. After the signature is provided by the customer, there is the option for the associate to approve the signature. The required setting is in the Endless Aisle Checkout preference; the option is Adyen Signature Confirmation. See Setting Up Endless Aisle Checkout.
  6. During testing, you can copy "allow_simulate_payment": false from app/assets/config/main.js to app/assets/config/user.js and set it to true, however, you set this to false before deploying the app. You can use the iPad simulator with the Adyen device if using Ethernet connection. See Test the Endless Aisle Payment Device.
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