Load Associate Credentials via Batch

Clients can feed associate credentials into Salesforce B2C Commerce custom objects. The app checks these credentials when attempting to authenticate the associate to the app. Associate POS codes are considered sensitive information and must be treated with care. POS access codes must be stored as one-way salted hashes, and the client is responsible for sending the salted hash and the salt for the POS codes.

Each store's associates are loaded into a custom object via a data feed.

The client provides the following information for each employee in the store via a data feed.

Note: Only active employees should be in the data feed.

Clients should also manage this feed on an ongoing basis as well as remove any non-active or terminated employees from this list.

There are two custom objects for which data is needed:

You can use int_ocapi_ext_core/config/EA_Associates_CO.xml and int_ocapi_ext_core/config/EA_StoreAssociates_CO.xml as an example.

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